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  1. edrie merced

    2 wins of Cody in a row!

  2. Blue jay

    Ohh tt

  3. Andrea Hanson

    Do another one

  4. Andrea Hanson

    Do a nothe

  5. Trevor Newman

    It’s 2021 and I’m now realizing why Cody wanted to make the dog temporary

  6. Blue jay

    He must goooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. mattw

    “due to inflation, emotional damages and a complete waste of time…” i’m dying 😂

  8. Daniel W

    When will ty ever use his bubble gum septor?

  9. Ashley Martin

    Get Crafty Cool Not Cool Top Ten

  10. Владимир Чураков


  11. richard guymon

    25 Bitcoin man that's an expensive car

  12. AlexInATuxedo

    Wood worker, AKA Carpenter

  13. The Knight of Tacos

    Oddly satisfying in a Dude Perfect video wow

  14. Augustulus Maximus

    I want to laugh the whole time cuz these stereotypes can be so funny. But then the "rage monster" sections come along and ruin the whole video.

  15. Luke Carson

    1) Cool Not Cool 2) Fight Scene 3) Top 10

  16. DevynYoda155 Gaming

    1: Smelling Bee 2: Get Crafty 3: Wives Vs Chad

  17. Icemansam44

    I’d be down for a wheel unfortunate break in exchange for another segment for just like 2 overtimes then bring it back

  18. help me reach 1k sbs without any vidoe

    Can I get a shout out please and thanks 😊 I will really appreciate it

  19. Ben

    one of the worst wheel unfortunates yet...

  20. Matias 03

    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

  21. Roy Petrie Youtuber

    Sick vid 😎 100 new SUB!!

  22. Chris Chessman

    Top ten

  23. Nick Paul

    We are gonna go to won of your show’s

  24. Alexis Stolitca


  25. Mike Dooley


  26. Memos g

    1 fight scene 2 cool not cool 3 betcha

  27. Lori Ciccone

    Cony has a .00001% chance of winning.

  28. themummylarva

    1. Cool Not Cool 2. Wheel Unfortunate 3. Top 10 HM: Fight Scene

  29. Shavonne Spencer


  30. Doggy

    More cool not cool 😎

  31. Cristiano Ronaldo

    I’m crying at how much my brain hurt 😭🤔

  32. NoahVlogs

    Top 10 in 3rd place, get crafty 2, cool not cool is number 1

  33. Flawlles LoL

    "Congratulations to everyone who was early and who found this comment"

  34. Gotham Scott

    hands behind the spin wheel 👀

  35. Wayne Hudson

    Why is the #1 worst video private?

  36. hajime99

    just won games with consequences,got unfortunate again with the wheel of unfortunate,and battle rod backfires here's a air hug

  37. Marcel Reynoso

    I literally spat my coffee when he pulled out the party popper

  38. DBE Trick Masters

    Plz come to Cape Town South Africa

  39. Squeaky Baseball38

    Ty’s turn was just a sponsor

  40. a diamond princess

    What does MLB stand for... Me: mIrAcUlOuS lAdYbUg

  41. Parker Young

    Love your videos

  42. Jeffrey DeFrances

    Y’all have the best vids

  43. Syndrome 7778

    3:20 is asmr

  44. Kristie Eddings

    Did you edit the beginning of the video?

  45. Dexter Campbell

    I love hunting

  46. Doggy

    More cool not cool 😎

  47. Kristie Eddings

    That painting of the bowling pins looked so real. how did you did that

  48. Suzanne Scott

    I knew it was.

  49. Doggy

    I love cool not cool💜

  50. Courtney Shea

    Let’s make Garrett replace Ty!

  51. Colton Dover

    Same 6 years ago I was still playing with Batman and Superman fights.

  52. Colton Dover

    Same 6 years ago I was still playing with Batman and Superman fights.

  53. Courtney Shea


  54. Mahadi T

    Ay do tt

    1. Mahadi T

      I mean dp tt

  55. 15X Broskii

    I miss the overtime 1 intro

  56. Cassie Elliot

    Keep im

  57. Cassie Elliot


  58. Most Marvelous MOCs

    I love you Cory

  59. Elizabeth Rausch

    Who else is on team garret/Purple hoser

  60. Frank DiFeo

    He must go

  61. RD


  62. Easton Machesky

    you guys are amazing

  63. Maso1232

    Cool not cool

  64. Kole Klette

    My sister is one Trip pip

  65. EA Pena


  66. Maran_92

    Smash bros but nick characters

  67. Tevin Schultz

    wish i could just go golfing with Zac Efron

  68. Bilal Bobat

    2 of my favourite youTubers in 1 video

  69. Gamma the prototoaster

    Tyler drove that monster truck like he's been driving them all his life

  70. Phil Kemper

    Why does Coby look like a news anchor?😂

  71. 415stone

    ty getting flashbacks 0:03

  72. Ashley Magee

    Poor tv

  73. Tecnic_Plasma

    What if they made a segment testing products sent to them

  74. Dancing V K 🕺🕺

    Hlo sir your video is amazing,😅😄😄😄👌👌✌️🙏

  75. richard hart


  76. Asher Carlson-Lee

    wedding stereotypes.

  77. Shara Bruce

    F2 is way better

  78. Nick Paul

    A song

  79. Neil Obaña

    remember when this series first premiered. i miss my days.